Can We Ban the Word "Beautiful?"

By: Sana Noor, Guest Blogger

She slathers on a fresh coat of foundation onto her face, applies a rosy tinge to her cheeks, and paints her lips a bright red only because society created the misconception of beauty: a false perception that requires perfection and an increasing amount of Photoshop.

And, God forbid, you refuse to wear the mask that society provides, you become a pariah. And everyone looks at you as if you were an abomination. Like a strange creature of a lost world.

Beautiful should never have existed.

Perfection should have never been considered.

We are all robots. Victims and dolls of a society that experiments on our self worth and self- confidence.

Watch me take an eraser to the dictionary and our brains so that no longer does the word exist. No one utters the word because it no longer holds any meaning.

No longer will the word hold the power to alter lives. We need to live in a world where acceptance of everyone is present. So that the different aren’t different anymore and beautiful no longer becomes the wish every girl makes before going to bed.


She cries herself to sleep every night wishing she were beautiful because she isn’t according to life around her. She blows out the candles, wishing the same thing every year in the hopes that someone somewhere hears her plea.

What we all refuse to acknowledge is that we’re all beautiful so much so that the word is no longer needed to define our person.

13 Going on 30 never existed. Beauty is a mirage that has existed through times and a leech that we need to remove off our bodies before it drains every last bit of our blood. Before we all become the same. Beauty has always been about “being different” and never about appearances.


 Let's Chat! What do you think of Sana's challenge to ban the word "beautiful?" Would that make a difference when it comes to holding women to unrealistic standards of beauty? Tell us what you think here!

About Sana

sana.jpgSana Noor is a Grammar fanatic, simply loves the colour blue, anything with a history and Florence and the Machine. Her heart bleeds poetry and believes in the art of the handwritten letter. 


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