Speak your truth, girl.

We're so happy to have you in the IATG community! No doubt you're here because you're mad for rocking hearts, opening minds, and making girl culture more healthy and positive for all! What better way to do that than through YOUR words!

We're growing our contributor group and looking for fresh, diverse, unique voices that can offer strong, engaging perspectives on various topics from pop culture trends and current happenings to issues and experiences impacting girls in the world.



What's Right For Us

Personal stories and essays about what it's like to be a girl or young woman, pieces about self-esteem challenges and triumphs, stories about friendship, love, relationships, sexuality and sexual health, essays that explore diverse life perspectives (race, sexuality, religion, culture, education, physical ability), pieces about serving the community, giving back to the world, making connections across borders, honest words about self-love, self-expression, self-worth, body image, fresh takes on cultural trends, real talk about epic fails (big or little) and epic sails.

What's NOT Right For Us

Content that excludes or tears down others - snark, gossip, pieces based on sensationalism. Content that promotes self-harm, violence, or intolerance. IATG does not tolerate plagiarism. All work must be your own.

We'd LOVE you to:

  • Have top-notch writing and grammar skills
  • Be responsible for meeting deadlines and communicating scheduling issues to our Senior Editor
  • Be creative, open-minded, and willing to grow along with our community

Sound amazing? Sound like so YOU? Drop us some writerly love: blog@iamthatgirl.com. Include a little bit about yourself and your writing interests and 2-3 writing samples (links to blogs, articles or attached clips are a-ok).

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