Big World, One Girl

"Never doubt
that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens
can change the world;
indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead

Sometimes the reminder that we are just one person can feel so discouraging. How on earth can we fight the good fight and get all that we want accomplished as just an individual?! BUT...what if we told you that being an empowered individual is actually the ideal way to shift girl culture + change the world? Because we happen to believe that YOU, just as you are, are a force to be reckoned with.

The secret is to let this fact - that you are just one person - to embolden you towards action and staying strong in your truth.  

Activity #1: Action

This activity is going to take place outside of whatever four walls you find yourself in right now. 

This is a call to action.

To take all that you already know about yourself, combined with all that you have discovered along this Brave Leadership journey, and use it as a springboard into action.

We lovingly encourage each of you
to apply for a leadership position at your school. 

Yep, we're calling you out. Because you are ready. You are worth it. The world NEEDS it. 

How can you be involved in the coming semester? If you're already in a leadership position, how can you dive in deeper? Is there a younger student you can mentor? Is there an idea you have that you have been scared to bring up? The time is NOW, babes.

Look up the available positions at your school. Is there a resource center you can turn to? A student leadership department? Does your school have student government or is there a captain position on your sports team? Can you start a club (maybe an IATG Local Chapter, if there isn't one at your school yet?!) We want this process to be exciting AND terrifying -- because only the best things are.

And? We're here to help. If you want some help finding your options at your school, PLEASE email us at and we will help you get the ball rolling! 


Activity #2: Staying strong in your truth

Digital Downloads

Sometimes we just need some constant reminders that we are more than capable. As you apply for a leadership position, or step more fully into the one you already have, we want to make sure that everywhere you look, you see the TRUTH about who you are. SOOOOO, our brilliant friend Kimothy Joy designed the most beauyFULL images for you to use as phone + desktop backgrounds! 


Get yours below by clicking on the size that works best for your device!!


Mobile backgrounds:

Tablet background:

Desktop backgrounds:


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