Big Magic's Making Big Things Happen

By Rachel Benbrook Mason, Regular ContributorOctober 4, 2015

We all love the works of one of our favorite inspirational authors, Liz Gilbert.  Her newest book, Big Magic, is no exception to her fluid and gracious style. Big Magic is unlike her other novels as it focuses on the creative process, and it encourages and enables individuals to allow themselves to create.

Liz candidly narrates the pitfalls and setbacks that can arise from engaging in a form of creative art.

Whether it is writing, music, drama performance, or any other form of art, the individual must first find a connection to the art and then foster this skill, idea, or talent in order to give it to the public.  

As Liz notes, she is no stranger to the heartbreak that can stem from making oneself vulnerable to his or her creative instincts. Becoming obsessed with or attached to any type of creative project can have devastating consequences. One must learn to let go of ideas that are simply no longer feasible. Knowing where to draw the line in continuing to pursue a creative project or allow it go by the wayside is one of the most difficult decisions anyone who creates will ever come across.


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In this same essence, I believe this philosophy also pertains to all aspects of our personal and professional lives. One must decide if they should continue a particular pursuit or walk away. For Liz Gilbert, this particular moment came for her when she had to decide to let go of a book idea she had been diligently working on. Too many things had arisen in her personal life, and she had to admit she had lost her passion and zeal for the topic that was at hand.  She made the difficult decision to move on to another book and had more success starting afresh then she would have had staying tied to an old idea.

Big Magic focuses on the fact that all talent and skill require big magic to use them.

The ideas of inspiration that often pulsate through individuals should not be held inside, no matter the difficulty and heartbreak that can arise from putting ourselves out there. We must learn to use our talents and skills to enrich the world, therefore putting in a big dose of Big Magic into the world around us. I think Liz Gilbert is an excellent encourager. Her novel has given people a guideline for how to use their art and how to create in a way that lets big things happen.

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Have you read Big Magic? What did you think? How do you use your creativity?  

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