"I will practice gratitude to access joy."

~ Brene Brown

Azita Ardakani founded Lovesocial in 2009, an advertising agency that became the first in its kind to use truth as the core mechanism to inspire national and global campaigns. As a certified B Corporation with a triple bottom line mandate, she led efforts around raising awareness of the global water crisis with the UNHCR, spearheading a campaign around the affects of unhealthy photoshopping alongside the MissRepresentation documentary, as well as helping renew the role of the UN special rapporteur and raise the profiles of prisoners of rights in Iran under the Unlock Iran campaign amongst dozens of other corporate and cause focused clients. Azita was a part of the 2015 Forbes 30 under 30, and is now managing a mindful fund and making investments towards efforts that support an inspired and sustainable life cycle.


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