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By Madeline Brady, Regular ContributorAugust 22, 2015

There are some things in life that always seem to be hard, no matter how old you get: making mistakes, breakups, putting on a fitted sheet by yourself. It doesn’t matter if it’s the first time or the five-hundredth time, these things are never easy. For some reason you don’t get better at them like you do at standing up for yourself, dressing appropriately, and rock climbing.

There are simply some things in life that are challenging and fresh each time they happen.

As I write this, I’m on a long road trip with some of my friends. As anyone who has ever been on a trip of this sort will tell you, it’s not always easy. Sometimes, it’s joyful and freeing. Other times, it’s frustrating and draining; this is especially true when you’ve been put in charge of planning the whole thing. So when I recently messed up a small detail of planning our accommodations on our trip, I felt pretty bad. People were counting on me, and I let them down. It sucked. (Sorry, I know you were looking forward to this being an essay about fitted sheets.)

I felt like a big idiot to say the least. In my flurry of planning, I’d told our friend in California the wrong day we were arriving, and we were without a place to stay the next night. Even though my friends were super chill and it wasn’t a big deal, I melted into a puddle of my own tears (obviously because I’m an adult). I felt so incompetent – I couldn’t send a simple email correctly! What if I’d gotten other dates wrong? What if the whole trip was a disaster?! I think it’s fair to say that I was completely freaking out.

After secluding myself to a bedroom and having a solid cry, my sweet and gentle SO knocked at the door to ask if I was okay and to tell me that my friends were going down to the beach. And in that moment I had a choice:

do I sit here feeling sorry for myself for a little mistake or do I let go of this mistake I made and enjoy this wonderful vacation that I had planned for us?


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My decision?

Well, nothing beats the blues quite like sand between your toes and laughing with your besties. Just sayin’.

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