All That Stuff

Let's face it, we all like things, you know, stuff, clothes, cars, shoes, goods and goodies. But we all know it's not the stuff that makes us happy, even if we think it does in the moment.

Let’s Chat

  • Being THAT GIRL means that we contribute to the world as much as we consume. What does it mean to contribute to your community? Society? Family?
  • How does having the “cool” new item (clothes, electronics, music) make you feel? What is the relationship between stuff and your self-worth?
  • In some cultures, people have only the basic items they need for survival. Do you think you would be able to live without all of your “extra” stuff? What are some of the basic things you would need to feel happy?
  • How does media influence your desire to buy stuff?
  • How can you combat the pressure to always have newer, better, bigger, brighter things?
  • Challenge: What 5 items in your room or closet would you be willing to donate to a girl in need?





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