Alcohol + Drugs


Alcohol and drugs are everywhere. Whether or not you decide to partake, it’s important to talk openly about it with people you feel safe with. We are not here to judge or slap each others’ wrists. We’re here to listen and talk about the smartest possible choices, and of course, to have fun!

Let's Chat

  • What are your views about drugs and alcohol? Be honest, it’s safe here.
  • How does media talk about drugs and alcohol?
  • Do you think boys have a different relationship to drugs and alcohol than girls? Why?
  • What are some ways you can support friends who may be struggling with drugs and alcohol?
  • What are some fun alternative activities in your community for people who don’t want to partake in the party scene?





Your Brain on Drugs

Why You Shouldn't Do Drugs

This is Your Baby on Drugs

Drink Wisely






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