I AM THAT GIRL is giving girls the tools they need to lead today with confidence + compassion through our peer-led local chapter program, app, and research-backed curriculum.



A girl's physical, emotional, and mental well-being is rooted in her self-worth, and we are living in an epidemic of self-doubt.

I AM THAT GIRL is a 501(c)3 organization helping girls to transform self-doubt in to self-love by providing a safe space to connect and have honest conversations about things that matter. Every day, girls are bombarded with messages that attack what she is NOT and we work every day to help her love who SHE IS; to see that in herself and inspire that in others. 

We are shifting girl culture and raising the standards for how girls treat themselves, each other, and the world. Every girl deserves a community where she can be seen, be heard, and belong. Together, we are building those spaces in person and online.






Addressing the emotional, mental, and physical well-being of girls.




Originally founded in 2002 by Alexis Jones while she was an undergraduate at USC, I AM THAT GIRL officially became a nonprofit in 2008 and has since grown to nearly 300 local chapters, and more than 1 million followers online.

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  • THAT GIRL is the best version of each of us.

She's all ages, ethnicities, classes, and religions. She's got a brilliant heart and beautyFULL mind. She is forever a work in progress, she seeks to be confident in her own skin. She speaks her truth, sees the best in others, and is leaving this world better than she found it.

  • THAT GIRL loves. 

She takes a stand for loving herself and loving on others. She brings out the best in people and genuinely cares.

  • THAT GIRL supports.

She lifts people up and inspires others to do the same. She gets that hurt people hurt people and shows compassion even to those who might not show it back. She celebrates girls and sees them for the beauties that they are.

  • THAT GIRL gives back. 

She shares her love and gives back to her community any chance she gets. She's leaving this world better than she found it.

  • THAT GIRL speaks her truth.

She's brave enough to be vulnerable. She speaks honestly and openly so she can be seen for who she truly is. She knows by doing so, she gives others permission to do the same - AMAZING.


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