3 Words to Change Your Life

By: Beatriz Craven, Guest Blogger

Three little words changed my life. And no, it's not “I love you.” While those have been Earth shifting words beneath my feet, these 3 little words did something different for me. They taught me the power behind intention, action, and follow-through. They taught me how to take even the tiniest opportunity and make it mine. The words that helped transform my world?

 Do it now.

It's a simple concept that has kept me moving and grooving when all I wanted to do was settle into less than inspiring activities or whatever excuses I could find to procrastinate my life. Keep in mind, that's exactly what it is. When we check out or put less intention into what we do, we're not procrastinating on an arbitrary “thing,” we are literally putting off our life. When looking back on life in old age one of the primary woes is “I wish I had __________.” No one ever complains about having lived too much. Identify what's important to you and do everything you can to take a step in that direction.

This is so incredibly important because we can also get caught in the trap of believing we need to be happy and living our lives out to some unobtainable extreme if we want it to be truly meaningful. It doesn’t have to be and quite frankly, if we choose to be living at the absolute fullest at every waking moment, we’re setting ourselves up for exhaustion and for some major disappointments.


For example, let’s say I identify relationships and travel as two areas of great importance to me. That doesn’t mean that I have to host lavish dinner parties all the time, go out to dinner constantly, or shell out the cash to take incredibly expenses trips I can’t afford. I might find that the way that translates into my life today is by calling a friend on the phone that I haven’t connected with in a while, sharing conversation over desert at half-price yogurt night, and taking a walk through a part of the city I haven’t explored before. That existence is also incredibly different than the soul that finds themselves suffocating in a life that feels void of meaningful moments. The other beautiful thing is that you have the power and authority to define what is truly important to you in your own unique life. Although I might personally feel awful if I were to spend all day everyday tuned into my TV and having nothing to show for myself, I can feel pretty darn amazing about marathoning House of Cards with my man until 3 am as a spontaneous “sorry I’m not sorry” moment between the two of us. I define what does and doesn’t work for me in my life.

So when you think, “I should totally call my grandmother more,” do it now. When you think about how great it would be to get fit, grab your shoes and head for the door. However you imagine your life, start working your way in that direction one swift "do it now" at a time. So get on it. This moment. Do it now!

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The power to put your life, plans, dreams, and goals into motion rests in YOUR hands! What are you waiting for?

  • Challenge yourself to "do it now" for one week. Start small--the email you need to send, the appointment you need to make, the dreaded cluttered closet you have been willfully ignoring--and work up to bigger bucket list items. See how your life is transformed!

About Beatriz

beatriz.jpgBeatriz finds incredible meaning in her work as a therapist in Houston, Texas. She completed her PhD in Counseling Psychology and works with college students at Sam Houston State University. She is an avid life enthusiast, loving wife, and movie fanatic. Check out her website and tumblr at beatrizcraven.com




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